Den Helder contest in Netherlands, October 26, 1999

I was really lucky when Mike Donovan called me one day and asked if I were insterestead in going to competition in Netherlands. And you might already quess what I answered.

During looooong drive through northern Europe we almost stole this neat chopper which might have made drive little bit quiker. Here's Mike getting feeling of the controls.

During our drive through dermany we almost got lost, but luckily friendly Germans gave us good instructions like "Just go sstrraight ahead..."

That "almost lost" feeling kept coming back when we arrived to Den helder, because of Russian submarine parked right next to floating Chinese restaurant.

But luckily inside Chinese restaurant were people who coudn't be anything else but grazy combat pilots.

Sunday morning was windy but luckily we went to contest site to see this really nice tradition museum of AFB.

And inside the museum were some unique stuff from far east...

And then straight into business. Here's the team UK

And after contest we almost got a decent group picture of all pilots before really heavy rain ran over us (note rain drops on the camera lens).

And here is the group picture of national contacts. From left, Victor Rutten/Netherland, Ilkka Holappa/Finland and Holger Bothmer/Germany. OK OK, actually they are also first three of the contest, from left,,

And on behalf of Team Finland and Team USA, I would like to thank all of those who made this contest possible and all pilots of the Den Helder contest. I whish to see all of you some day in Finland. How about next year???

I'm really recommending to everyone to go competing into other countries. It's wonderful way to meet other pilots and have really fun.

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