Picture of the Controversial Finnish Passport

"...for the hour of his judgement is come:..."

(The Holy Bible, Revelations, 14:7)


Annikki Matthan

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Special Credits for the Web Version

In the web version we have tried to give links to many places that are mentioned in the book, if we found such links to exist. For this we are ever grateful to those who have set up these great pages. This has made the web version far more alive and inter esting than the paperback. We, therefore, have listed credits to those whose links we have used along with their email addresses, if known.

India - Most Comprehensive Link

* Srinivas Padmanabhuni -

Andhra Padesh

Jacob Matthan extracted from 1994 version of the Manorama Year Book


* Marlon Menezes - email address was not available

Karnataka, Bangalore, Mysore, Brindavan Gardens (Sir M. Visweswaraya)

* Dinesh Venkatesh -,

* K. Raghunandan -,

* Srivatsa Belur Srinivasan -

* Manju Muddarange Gowda -

* Sanjeev Purnaiya -

* Kishan -

* Prem -

Kannada language

* Dattatraya H. Kulkarni -

Kerala, Malayalam Language

* Hem P. Ramachandran -

Syrian Orthodox Chruch History

* J Jaicy Cherian -

Maharashtra, Mumbai

* Abhay Patil -

* Abhijit Joshi -

* Abhijit Deshpande -

* Amit Paranjape -

* Milind Bhandarkar -

* Nilesh Mankikar -

* Nilesh Savargaonkar -

* Pankaj Joshi -

* Prashant Gosavi -

* Satish Deodhar -

* Swati Savkar -

* Varsha Halabe - vph@MIT.EDU

* Vijay Desai -

* Yogesh Pathak -

Tamil Nadu, Tamil Language, Chennai

* Siddharthan Ramachandramurthi -,

* Sridhar Venkatraman - no email link available

Shrewsbury and Shropshire, England

* Richard Burnham -
Loma Linda University, Southern California, USA


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