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Scamsters from Nigeria - 25.11.2000



Greed - Missile of Black Gold.

This is the email we received this last week - November 2000:

(Go to Findians Briefings for the latest information about these scamsters and their most recent letters.)

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 13:25:21 -0800 (PST)
From: ifeoma chuka <>
Subject: business relationship proposal



Dear Sir,

REQUEST FOR URGENT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP PETROLEUM (SPECIAL) TRUST FUND CONTRACT AWARD REVIEW COMMITTEE appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to review contract Awards/Payments Approvals in the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). Our duties include evaluation, vetting approvals for payment for contract executed for the PTF.

On the 10th January 1997, the awarded a contract of $600 Million United States Dollars to the consortium of Abblummus, J.G.C. Corporation, Bouygues Offshore and a joint venture of Spiebalignoles and Fougureolle, for an engineering, procurement and construction work in Nigeria.

But some top officials of the organization over-invoiced the contract sum to the tune of $636.5M with the intention of sharing the remaining $36.5M among themselves. But due to the sudden proscription of the PTF by the new democratic Government, their
effort proved abortive. But now that the Federal Democratic Government of Nigeria has approved the sum of $636.5M for the concerned foreign companies as full payment for the contract executed, and since each of the companies are entitled to $150M, we intend to transfer the remaining $36.5M abroad into a safe and reliable account to be disbursed among ourselves.

My colleagues and I have agreed that if your company can act as the beneficiary of this fund ($36.5) you and your company will retain 20% of the total amount while 70% will be for us and the remaining10% will be used to off set any expenses incured by both sides during the course of the transfer.

It may interest you to know that , some years ago a similar transaction was carried out with one Mr. Patrick Miller, the President of Craine International Trading Corporation of No. 135 East 57th Street, 28th Floor, New York 10022 with Tele Number (212) 308-7788 and telex Number 6731689. After the agreement of both parties in which he was to take 20% of the money while the remaining 70% was for us, with the payment approvals secured and relevant document signed, the money was duly transferred into his account, only to be disappointed on our arrival in New York, that he had changed address, while his telephone and telex number has been reallocated. That was how we lost $27.7M to Mr. Patrick Miller. We could not report the case to the authority due to its nature as being utterly confidential. This time, we need a more reliable and trustworthy partner with a reputable company ís account to transfer this money into. Hence this proposal to you.

It took us expensive ideas and money to fine-tune all the preparations for this transaction to meet all legal and administrative requirements in Nigeria and those of International Arbiration as the modalities applied in the case of Mr. Miller have changed due to the incessant changes in monetary policies of my country. However, we hope to conclude this transaction within seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the requested information and commence the transfer of funds. Therefore, we require from you the followings :

i. Your Company name

ii. Company address

iii. Bank name and address

iv. Account number and account name

Your telephone and fax numbers [personal/private] for easy communication.

With the above information, we will use your company name to re-award the contract, put up the letters of claims and apply for payment. We wish to bring to your notice that the personalities involved in this transaction are Top and influential government
functionaries who will not like any form of exposure and as such would want you to keep thebusiness highly confidential. Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free on both sides.

We are looking forward to doing this business with you. Please, acknowledge the receipt of this letter using the EMAIL ADDRESS ABOVE , while maintaining maximum confidentiality. I shall bring you the complete picture of this transaction on receipt of
your response.

Yours faithfully

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Scamsters from Sierra Leone - 27.6.2000

Persons posing as relatives of notable personalities who have been killed, etc., in Sierra Leone have been sending out mail to tempt people to join them to get hold of so-called huge quantities of illegal cash, etc., stashed away in that country.


Given below is the text of the letter that we received from one such scamster.

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 00:22:43
From: MK Hllary <>
Subject: Business Proposal

Personal Business Investment Proposal

It is my pleasure to contact you today at this point in time for an urgent business relationship /investment.

I got your Company's contact from the International Trade Magazine of your Country, for the purpose of sincerity and honesty and because of the investment climate in your country.

I am Mrs. Hillary Kargbo from Sierra-Leone, the wife of the Late Central Bank Governor Mr. Christian Kargbo, under the short time ten-month Government of Major Paul Koromah.

He was killed in 1998 among sixteen others on suspicion and accused of aiding the Rebel forces and Major Paul Koromah for a coup d'etat of May 1997 against his Government before the Ecomog Troops restored him back as President.

The civil unrest, which took tens of thousands of lives, cost me my Husband, Properties and Family members.

Currently I had discovered classified a secret documents belonging to my late husband under his underground SAFE, only known by me and few of my surviving children.

Among these documents is a Certificate of Deposit of two trunk silver boxes as family treasures kept in a Security Deposit Firm in Accra-Ghana, which I just came over to confirm a few days ago.

Attached with the document is an instruction that, the actual contents are $28,500,000.00 USD (Twenty-Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), although not to the knowledge of the keeping firm.

I am contacting you please because of GOD to come to my aid in co-receiving these boxes and the subsequent evacuation of funds to your country for onward investment.

I shall be ready to accompany you while I shall fully compensate you accordingly.

Kindly reply immediately you receive this letter to furnish you all the details you want to know.

My best regards.

Evangelist Mrs. Hillary Kargbo

Reply and kindly include your Telephone & Fax Number if possible, for further explanation.

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    You can post your views to this Discussion Group if you are subscribed to this unique Discussion List on the subject of Discrimination. Our subjects cover all sorts of topics under the umbrella of racism, xenophobia and discrimination all over in the world. We have been and are actively involved in fighting these issues. You can sign up using the form given here:
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  4. Absolutely Exclusive -
    As a result of the paper Discrimination in Finland, and the feedback from Findians Briefings readers, a sequel was prepared, along with Sinikka Ikni, called Agenda For Action, which is a completely different approach to solving the problem of discrimination of ethnic minorities in Finland. You will be hearing more about this paper in the years to come.
    This paper along with the earlier one "Discrimination in Finland" by Annikki and Jacob Matthan, presented at the Round Table Conference of NGOs dealing with Racial Discrimination in Finland, has been added to our Our ON-GOING campaign page to stop the discrimination of foreigners and minorities in Finland.
    As a consequence of these papers, Findians Briefings regular columnist, Sinikka Ikni, who is also the Chairperson of the Oulu Area Same Law For All Association, was asked to attend the Round Table Conference of European Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) on Discrimination in Europe held in Brussels between the 11 and 13th of October 1998. You can read the paper that Sinikka presented to the Conference organisers entitled "Action and Structure Against Discrimination" exclusively at our website.
    In November 1998, Findian Jacob Matthan was asked to present a paper at the UNESCO Seminar on Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination held in Helsinki, Finland, and you can read his paper on the subject of which is exclusively published by us, the Findians, on the web.

    Jacob Matthan has been elected to represent the English-speaking ethnic minorities in Finland on the Ethnic Relations Advisory Board (ETNO) of the Government of Finland which handles matters related to the problems of ethnic minorities in Finland. He was been asked to join the group of national advisors of the National Equal Opportunities Network Association (NEON ry) which is monitoring the discrimination of ethnic minorities in Finland. He also represented the Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region in north Finland on the Tolerance Board of the Finnish Sports Federation which is chaired by Finnish Olympian Tapio Korjus.
  5. Absolutely Exclusive -
    We have taken up the issue of the famous Finnish inventor Juhani Niinivaara, in what promises to be a battle between this individual, who was harassed and made miserable by the attitude of his bankers. Findians has exposed the background to his plight and shows how you can help him and others similarly vilified by an oligarchic system.
  6. EXCLUSIVE from Findians Briefings -
    Exposure by former Tax Bear - Liisa Mariapori (in Finnish) - "VEROTTAJA TAPPOLINJALLA" (Tax Collectors on the Killing Path)
    Our campaign to stop the violation of the human rights of the Finnish children, Alexander and Jonathan.
  7. Our popular webletter (restarting on 28th January 2001) Findians Briefings
  8. Page by our special features writer Ilari Sohlo called GOING SOHLO and the Volume 1 English Archive
  9. (The Finnish Version and the Volume 1 Finnish Archive, of GOING SOHLO F are also on-line.)
  10. Archived pages by our former special features writer Sinikka Ikni called FINNISH ??OLIGARCHY= DEMOCRACY??
    (The Finnish Version called SUOMEN ??OLIGARKIA = DEMOKRATIA?? is also on-line.)
    You can also read the Volume 1 English Archive

    and the Volume 1 Finnish Archive of Sinikka's pages.)
  11. Page meant especially for foreign students to express themselves called COSMOPOLITAN
  12. On-line serialisation of the book
    || "..for the hour of his judgement is come:.." ||
    Annikki Matthan
  13. Details of the Activities of Findians which include details of
  14. Details of the man to whom this web site is dedicated in our page called
    || Vision of K. C. Mammen Mappillai ||
  15. Details of our very wide Interests and Sites which have interested us
  16. The Stephanian fortnightly webletter called Kooler Talk (Web Version)
  17. The Cathedral School fortnightly webletter called Seventh Heaven
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  19. and our page giving prices of Finnish Stamps

    FINNISH Stamp Collectors - Unique Offers

     Prices of Finnish Stamps

    Due to the enormous pressure by several world-wide collectors of Finnish Stamps we have launched this page Finnish Stamp Prices which gives the current prices of Finnish Stamps from 1960 onwards. We intend to bring all our Stamps related items and connected ones onto this page over the course of time. This has been requested by several of our collector friends.

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