Few files to FreeMiNT;

cab25rsc.zipFinnish resource file for CAB 2.5 by Alexander Clauss (24K 24-Oct-97)

SSL_ovl.zipMiNTnet OVL 1.8404 with SSL support (163K 17.2.1997). This is a binary of the MiNTnet CAB OVL version 1.8404 with SSL support enabled. You can get the original distribution with source code from the author's site: www.highlandsun.com/hyc/. This binary uses SSLeay version 0.8.0; you can get full info and source code for SSLeay from psych.psy.uq.oz.au/~ftp/Crypto/. This binary was built by Juhani Sivusalo and can be distributed freely throughout the world.

SSH (Secure Shell) v.1.2.26. My compilation of SSH (Secure Shell) Remote Login Program to Atari FreeMiNT with minix partition (660K 27.1.1999). Shell-part should be fully functional but daemon is bit tricky, read README.MINT from archive to learn more. It is optimized with -m68020-40 flag. More information about SSH is available from SSH Homepage.

Lynx 2.8 with ncurses. Lynx 2.8 Rel.2 compiled with ncurses => now with colors! (552K 6.4.1998). Help, test and man files included. Tested on nemesized Atari Falcon 14Mb.

Pine 4.10 (and Pico/Pilot/mtest). Pine 4.10 with Pico 3.5 and Pilot 2.0 compiled with -O3 -m68020-40 -m68881 flags. (1.65Mb 7.2.1999). Diff's are included in package and also available separately. Tested on nemesized Atari Falcon 14Mb. More information about Pine is available from Pine Information Center.

SSH (secure Shell) Homepage SSLeay FAQ Pine Information Center


Any questions? Send me a mail to; jasivu@na.netppl.fi