[ Maliyakal Ravoor Matthan Kurien, alias Maliyakal K. Aaschan, alias Kurien Assan, the founder of the House of Maliyakal ] [ Kuriyan "Mysore" Matthan (1877 - 1951) ] [ Dr. Kurian Kuruvilla ] [ K. George ] [ Mariamma ] [ K. Kurian ] [ Elizabeth ] [ Susan ] [ K. Jacob ] [ Sara ]

Dewan Bahadur Kuriyan Matthan family in 1936


Back Row: Appachen (Kuriyan Matthan Jr.), Chinchaya (Mrs. Elizabeth M. M. Thomas), Langford Appachen (the late George Matthan), Langford Ammachi (the late Mrs. George Matthan), Kochupappen (Jacob Matthan Sr.)
Seated: Grant Road Ammachi (Mrs. Mariam K. C. Chacko), Valliammachi (late Mrs. Kuriyan Matthan Sr.), Valliappachen (late Dewan Bahadur Kuriyan Matthan Sr.), Pappachi (Mrs. Susan G. T. Verghese), 123 Ammachi (late Anna Mrs. P. G. Abraham), Accachi (Mrs. Grace M. V. Kurian)
Seated on ground: Ammnikochamma (late Mrs. M. A. Abraham), Baluchachen (George Matthan Jr.)
(Missing: late Thangammakochamma (deceased before this date), Babyappapen (Late Mr. M. Matthan) who was studying in Cambridge, UK and Johnnyappapen (late Mr. John Matthan) who was studying in the Railway Engineering Institute in Jabalpur.

Maliyakal Kuriyan "Mysore" Matthan

Dewan Bahadur

Author: JACOB MATTHAN, Oulu, Finland

This page is under construction. It awaits information from several of you out there. If you have anything to add about the family of Maliyakal Kuriyan "Mysore" Matthan, his ancestors, his wife and her family, his brothers and sisters, or information about his siblings, we would like to hear from you.

Ravoor may have been the land where his father's house was located. The house name was Maliyakal (also written by some as Malaykal).

This is presently a joint project of several cousins and second cousins, including one in the Middle East, Abu, and another in Finland, Sushil, as well a greatgrandson, Rahul Matthan. Generous inputs have been received from Gracykochamma in the USA and my late Godmother, Chinchaya, in Bangalore. Many thanks to Omena in Bangalore and Mohan in Canada for providing details of their immediate families. I hope to add photographs of all the individuals listed here from either my photograph archives or from those which have been sent to me.

Mysore Matthan studied at the Madras Christian College in Tamabaram, Madras, and joined the Mysore Civil Service. He rose to the top,,finishing his career as First Member of the Council of His Highness, the Maharaja of Mysore. Mysore Matthan was awarded the title Dewan Bahadur. During his career he was responsible for the establishment of many industries in the Princely State of Mysore and was Chairman of several of the corporations.

He married Mariamma of the Karimpanakal family and had 12 children, 6 daughters and 6 sons. The eldest daughter, Thankamma died in her early teens. The first born son, who was named Kuriyan, also died soon after being born. When the next boy was born, he was so small that he was not expected to survive long. So, he was not named after his father / grandfather, but named George (Kutty). He survived and went on to become one of the State of Mysore's leading Administrators like his father. The eldest daughter was Anne (Kochanamma) who died in 2001. The second daughter, Kunjukochamma, was the first Indian student to be admitted to the Bishop Cotton School in Bangalore.

Details of his family, children and their families are given below (Items in red are those who are deceased):

Kuriyan Mysore Matthan (1877 - 1951) + married Mariamma (1883 - 1976, Karimpanakal family) and they had 12 children, 6 sons and 6 daughters, 16 grandchildren.

Valliappachen 1936

Valliappachen in 1925?

Valliammachi 1970

Valliammachi pictured in the Lalbagh Road House

  1. Thankamma ( - )

  2. George (1904 - 1973) + Mariammakochamma (1908 - 1986)

  3. Anne (Kochannammakochamma) (1905 - 2001) + P. G. Abraham ( - 1975)

  4. Mariam (Kunjukochamma) (1907 - 2003) + Dr. K. C. Chacko ( - 1984)

  5. Kuriyan (1911 - 1993) + Mariam (1914 - 2000) (daughter of K. C. Mammen Mappillai)

    Appachen 1936
    Appachen on his return from England

    Ammachi 1936
    Ammachi on her graduation from Women's Christian College, Madras

    1970: Kuriyan Matthan's 60th birthday celebration in Bombay

    1970: Kuriyan Matthan's 60th birthday celebration in Bombay

  6. Elizabeth (Chinchaya) (1913 - 2007) + M. M. Thomas (1913 - 1978)

  7. Matthan (1914 - 2001) + Lulukochamma (née Verghese) (1920 - 1982)

  8. John (1918 - 1989) + Thangam (1921 - 2005) (née Peter) in Bangalore

  9. Jacob (1920 - ) + Annamma (née Chacko) (1925 - ) in Bangalore

  10. Grace (Accachi) ( 1925 - ) + Thambi Dr. M. V. Kurian (1917 - 2005) in Ernakulam

  11. Susan (Papachi) (1925 - ) + Baby Dr. G. T. Verghese ( - ) in Bangalore

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