[ Maliyakal Ravoor Matthan Kurien, alias Maliyakal K. Aaschan, alias Kurien Assan, the founder of the House of Maliyakal ] [ Kuriyan "Mysore" Matthan (1877 - 1951) ] [ Dr. Kurian Kuruvilla ] [ K. George ] [ Mariamma ] [ K. Kurian ] [ Elizabeth ] [ Susan ] [ K. Jacob ] [ Sara ]

Maliyakal Dr. Kurian Kuruvilla

This page is under construction. It awaits information from several of you out there. If you have anything to add about the family of Maliyakal Dr. Kurian Kuruvilla, his ancestors, his wife and her family, his brothers and sisters, or information about his siblings, we would like to hear from you.

Ravoor may have been the land where his father's house was located. The house name was Maliyakal (also written by some as Malaykal).

This is presently a joint project of several cousins and second cousins, including one in the Middle East, Abu, and another in Finland, Sushil, as well a greatgrandson, Rahul Matthan. Generous inputs have been received from Gracykochamma in the USA and Chinchaya in Bangalore. Many thanks to Omena in Bangalore and Mohan in Canada for providing details of their immediate families. I hope to add photographs of all the individuals listed here from either my photograph archives or from those which have been sent to me.

Many thanks to Rev. Kuruvilla Chandy (Suresh) for providing me with the latest facts about the Maliyakal Dr. Kurian Kuruvilla family.

Details of his children and their families are given below:

Dr. Kurian Kuruvilla ( - ) married Saramma from the Kopara family and they had 5 children, 2 girls and 3 boys.