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RF Software and Other Stuff
by Jouni Verronen, OH8RO

I have kept on this site RF design helper programs for aid in practical RF work. They are free to download for personal use. Also you can find some other software and information useful to fellow hams and other people interested in RF electronics.

The software here is for the most part for dos operating system with not much requirements as to the hardware, just a PC with VGA. In most of the programs there is a short help section under F1 key to start from. They should work in newer windows versions in dos-state, but I have not cared to check all the combinations. Especially some PC-control programs command output ports directly, which is not allowed e.g. under NT.

I am going to keep them here thus far, as they are quick to use nearby the workbench, old if they begin to be. At the moment I have no plans for updating them for newer platforms, as now more and increasingly better stuff seems to be showing on the net. For example see RFsim99, which has been put on the net for free download. It includes some similar helpers as these of mine.

The other stuff on this site is mostly of project nature thought to have some common interest.

Most recent: Notes on mechanical design of homebrew RF gear

A unit approach that has many benefits.
See mechanical considerations with some pictures of homebrew equipments.

RF Design Programs

These are calculations and component measurement programs for general RF work.
There are also some pages of information how to use them to aid in RF design cases.
Individual programs are in compressed files. See a short description of them 51k LP or HP filter and matching circuit calculation. See notes on CaMF 46k General impedance calculations, LC circuits calculations. See text , how to use it. 41k RX front-end IMD and noise figure calculations 48k Toroidal coil calculations 45k Wire coil calculations 39k Inductance and Q measurement helper program 42k Inductance and Q measurement for coils with parasitic capacitance 44k Quarz crystal calculator. It calculates equivalent circuit values from a measurement in a 50 ohm line 44k Resistive attenuator calculations 49k Microstrip stub design, general tapered stub with reactive termination 54k Impedance transform in a transmission line with microstrip calculations

Using Sound Blaster in AF and RF spectrum measurements

A cheap but useful narrow band RF spectrum analyzer can be made using a down converter with a 16 bit sound card.
Can be used for measuring IMD of an SSB TX for example.

Frequency control software

These programs deal with frequency synthesis, DDS and the kind.

Other ham software

For the moment there is my version of a compact satellite tracking program.

As to the software and other information

The programs are given out as free programs for personal use to aid fellow radio amateurs and other interested people in their projects.

However, I dont like to hear of someone making money with them, or presenting the material as his/her own. That is denied. Copyright is mine. You may use text material in written form, but the source must be mentioned.

No guaranties or liabilities of any kind are included. The programs should be relatively free of bugs, but one can never be 100% sure.

So no registration is asked, but I am always glad to receive a line or two, if you have had use for the software, to get some idea of usefulness of this kind of service.

About background

I have always been interested of knowing how things function as well as making things using my hands.

In my life I have enjoyed motorcycle reparations, tightened bolts to right moment in my car motors and made a series of entirely illegal firearms at the age of ten or little more with a like-minded partner.

I do woodworking or mig-weld or turn a lathe, when needed and especially like the roar of my chainsaw occasionally.

As to electricity and electronics, it was not much after I had learned how to read, that I found an old physics book and made my first simple galvanometer. I have played with magnets, meters, electric motors, radio tubes, transistors, ICs and PCs ever since. Constructing radio and electronic measurement equipments is challenging in the respect that various skills are needed, from fine mechanics and metal working to quite heavy mathematics. Though everyone can pick his mix.

Then it was most natural that I went for my M.S.Eng. when it was time to get some qualification for an occupation. After that I have been to some connection to electronics industry for years and also done some technical teaching. To allow some degree of free experimentation I currently have an engineering bureau, which does consultation and design tasks in RF area.

I have had a radio amateur license since 1966, but never been very active operator as having always been more inclined to construction projects. It is a great way of playing with transmitters and antennas, find out new in propagation etc. not to mention the social aspect.

I have written PC programs for my own use over the years to aid in RF design and measurement. Most of them are too equipment specific or otherwise not of much common interest. Many of the programs selected here were originally written to speed up frequent calculations in professional radio circuit design. A couple of them, or earlier versions, were sent in the 90'ies to the annual software contest hosted by the RF Design Magazine in USA. They did not won the prime prize either time, but were, yes, considered worth of publishing, which result I was fully content with.

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