AM_TS satellite tracking program

Jouni Verronen, oh8ro 2003

This is a compact satellite tracking program. Using it even an older PC (from 486 up, DOS, VGA) can serve to track a satellite and turn the antenna, which allows newer PCs to be used for other purposes. For example other software can be used in parallel to get more information on multiple satellites or contact ranges.

It has the following functions needed in satellite communications:

Also it shows the satellite's direction graphically in tracking mode.
There is also predict mode in which the next pass is shown and some points of interest printed in numbers.

Here is the PC screen shown in predict mode.

The keplerfile must be in 2-line format, with the satellite name appearing above each 2-line block. Title lines are no problem. They are not needed, but they do not disturb.

There is information under F1 of program features and how to connect the centronics port.


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